• Stu Atkins

Facebook's Lookalike Audience is a real estate winner

Your database is your business's backbone. You've worked so hard to set up an accurate selection of landlords, buyers, sellers and tenants and protect the data with your life - and rightly so! What if I told you there's a way to market directly to these people on Social Media. Not only them, but people who look like your database. Welcome to Facebook's Lookalike Audience!

Let's say you want to market to prospective Landlords to grow your rentals. Firstly you'll need to download your current Landlord database file into a .csv format. This step should be simple. Now you'll need to create a Looklike Audience in Facebook. Note - you must have Ad Manager set up in Facebook to create audiences.

Then click on 'Get Started'.

From here you'll upload your .csv file of your Landlords and will name the audience.

From your database, Facebook will then ask you which parameters (or contact information) you want to include. At a minimum, include name, phone number, suburb, email. (Remember, Facebook is going to build a prospect list which is SIMILAR to your existing database but not the same so the more you can include the better).

Now that your audience is created, it is saved in your Ad Manager centre within Facebook.

The audience is now permanently saved and depending on your ad budget, you can target thousands of people who are similar to your existing database. Once you have a post to boost, simply chose the audience from your available lists.

Targeting the right audience on Social Media means more bang for your buck and higher enquiry levels. It's a game changer.

Social Seedling has been running effective branding campaigns for Agents for many years. If you need some advice, you've come to the right place!

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