• Stu Atkins

Do you sell Digital VPA?

If you don't, you are missing out on a gigantic opportunity to brand you and your business as digital dominators.

Digital Marketing remains the most cost effective way to market homes and your brand to tens of thousands of local, relevant and targeting buyers and sellers. Importantly, you can also promote homes to buyers from out of town - the true passive audience. They may have never considered your town, or your listing is in a place rarely searched on the property portals.

Sold effectively at the listing presentation, your prospective vendor will be comfortable knowing their home will be shown to 000's of buyers - ensuring full active and passive market coverage. When the next agent comes to present, they'll confirm the listing will appear on the agent's social media channel. That might be seen by 100 people who are unlikely to respond to the home.

By branding the post and promoting it across your agency page (both on page and off page), along with Google and Instagram, your office achieves awareness across thousands of relevant buyers and sellers. Your vendor will love the additional reach and then engagement goes through the roof.

Take a look at your competitors on social media. You'll quickly see those who are marketing their listings vs those who simply post. Take the market by storm and wow your new vendors with massive numbers.

Social Seedling has promoted over 1,000 properties via Digital Boost. Head here to see our September special and you can see the results for yourself!

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