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3 Mistakes real estate agents make with Digital Marketing

Successful real estate agents are some of the busiest people on the planet. Expected to take calls 24 hours a day, weekends full of inspections, tough negotiations. Successful agents wear many hats and it’s hard to stay on top of things. Digital Marketing is an ever changing landscape and agents barely have the time to scratch themselves, let alone stay on top of digital marketing trends.

If you are managing your own social media channels, then chances are you might be doing one of these Top 3 Mistakes Real Estate Agents make with digital marketing.

1. Houses Houses Houses. Too many agents believe their audience is interested in the homes listed, leased and sold. They aren’t. Flooding your social pages with homes and sales outcomes is the fastest way to alienate your hard earned audience and will result in less people following your page. Also, the algorithms will actually stop showing your posts to your audience because of their ‘salesy’ nature. So even if you have 1000 followers, Facebook might only show the ‘Just Listed’ post to 100 of them. You MUST balance your content between work and play on Social Media.

2. You MUST pay to play. Social Media is a commercial entity first. They will reward those who spend money to promote content over content which is simply ‘posted’. Even $5 a post will result in 00’s more highly relevant people seeing your content. Strategic ‘boosting’ of engaging posts ensures you are being noticed by local people

3. Stop “Outlinking” – if you post a property for sale, NEVER send the audience to a third party property portal site. Facebook will de-prioritise this content immediately and will only share the post with a limited audience. This is because the property portal is technically a competitor of Facebook – they don’t want the audience to leave Facebook to view another website UNLESS the link ends on your website. The more content you post with a link to your own site, the more will see it and the buyers and sellers will only see your homes, not every other agent in towns.

Social Seedling is a specialist Real Estate marketing firm and has promoted thousands of campaigns across Facebook, Insta and Google.

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